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Standard Home Inspection
(homes up to total 2,500 sq. feet*)
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Know the home - Understand the flaws and what’s in good shape for informed decision-making!Schedule Inspection Today
Seller’s Pre-Listing Inspection (homes up to total 2,500 sq. feet*)
Discount Opportunities
Take control of your home sale! Understand the pitfalls and anticipate areas for improvement and negotiation before you list your home. You can even offer the report to the buyer to potentially speed up the sale process.Schedule Inspection Today
New Construction Inspection
(homes up to total 2,500 sq. feet*)
Discount Opportunities
Just because the home is new does not mean that it is free of structural and environmental issues. This is the perfect inspection to have performed prior to your new home closing and walk-through.Schedule Inspection Today
4-Point Inspection
(Roof, electrical, plumbing & HVAC only)
$150Home Owners Insurance policies sometimes require an inspection of the higher-risk vital systems of your home.Schedule Inspection Today
Radon Testing
Discount Opportunities
In the US, indoor radon exposure might result in 7,000 to 30,000 lung cancer deaths annually. Suspected of being leading cause of lung cancer second only to smoking.1
Know if you should have your home mitigated for radon.
The Facts
Schedule Inspection Today
Mold Inspection & Testing
(includes the first two samples & lab fees**)
$370It is well established that allergic reactions to molds are the most commonly experienced health effects in humans.2 Respiratory symptoms can range from sneezing to wheezing. Individuals without allergies may also experience symptoms, including eye irritation, sore throat, congestion, skin rash, and headaches.
The Facts
Schedule Inspection Today
Air Quality TestingPlease Contact Us for a quoteWe’d like to understand what your air quality testing needs are to best assist you. Please contact us.Schedule Inspection Today
Sewer Scope
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Your sewer drain pipes are vulnerable to tree roots, clogs, cracks that can be very expensive to fix! It is likely that your homes’ sewer drain pipes are your responsibility. Know what they look like!
The Facts
Schedule Inspection Today
Water Quality Testing
(includes materials & lab fees for
one drinking water outlet sample ***)
Know how safe the water is! The quality of your water can be compromised by pesticides, organic chemicals and heavy metals.Schedule Inspection Today
Private Well Inspection
(includes Water Quality Testing)
$400Wells can be very costly to repair and, even worse, to replace! Negative findings can make or break a home purchase or sale. Know how “well” your well is flowing. The pump may not be functioning as “well” as it should. Know how safe the water is that it is producing as the quality of your water can be compromised by pesticides, organic chemicals and heavy metals.Schedule Inspection Today

 Discount Opportunities


No Brainer – $650 includes:

  • ONE of the following:  Standard Home Inspection*, Seller’s Pre-Listing Inspection* or New Construction* Inspection
  • Radon Testing
  • Sewer Scope  
    Up to $150 savings from individual pricing!
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Condo/Townhome Discount

Inspections performed on Condominiums and Townhomes 1,500 total sq. feet or less will receive a $100 discount.
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Real Estate Professionals Discount
Offer your clients discounted pricing!  Ask for our “LOVE your realtor” pricing 🙂
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Referral Discount
Referred by a fabulous One Stop Property Inspection client?  Please let us know who!  We’d like to thank them for the referral and give you 10% discount!

*For homes larger than 2,500 sq. feet, inspection fee will be increased by $50 per additional 500 sq. feet.
**Samples in addition to the first two included will be $40.
***2-Day test sample.  Samples in addition to the one included will be $120 each.
Case Studies in Environmental Medicine, Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, “Radon Toxicity”, September 1995 rev. June 2000.
Storey E, Dangman KH, Schenck P, DeBernardo RL, Yang CS, Bracker A, Hodgson MJ.
2004. Guidance for clinicians on the recognition and management of health effects related to mold exposure and moisture indoors.
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